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Burner Service Agreements for keeping you warm during the winter


Plan One

is self-renewing on an annual basis.
This Plan includes:
  • Labor for the repair or replacement of the parts listed below whether the repair is made during the day, night, weekends, or holidays.
  • One annual inspection (including cleaning, lubrication and oil burner adjustment) when you call for an appointment Monday through Friday, 8:00 am - 4:00 pm.
  • Repair or replacement of parts listed below as needed due to normal use.
  • An additional charge of $150.00 for Plan One coverage will be applied for a separate oil fired hot water heater or a second heating system that is already in operation.


Plan One Plus. Maximize Your Options.

is self-renewing on an annual basis.
This Plan includes:

All coverage under Plan One with the addition of the following:

  • $200.00 allowance on a 275 above ground tank
  • $200.00 allowance on a R8182D triple Aquastat
  • $300.00 allowance on a new oil fired furnace and air conditioner

or an oil fired hot water boiler replacement from Hein Bros., Inc.


Plan Two. Cleaning and Servicing Burner

must be renewed on an annual basis. [No parts are covered under this agreement.]
This plan includes:
  • One annual inspection (including cleaning, lubrication and oil burner adjustment and the replacement of the oil burner nozzle) when the customer calls for an appointment Monday through Friday, 8:00 am - 4:00 pm.
  • Additional cost may occur if unit has not been serviced and cleaned every year.
  • Cancelling your Service Agreement does not change your delivery status.
  • This agreement supersedes and cancels all prior agreements for burner service.



  • All service plans are payable in full within 30 days from the date of charge.
  • This service agreement may be cancelled by either party. Cancellation of oil deliveries from Hein Bros., Inc. automatically terminates the service plan. Payments made prior to cancellation are not refundable.


Hourly labor rates will be applicable under the following circumstances

  • Any plumbing work, purging air from heating system, failure of customer to set up thermostat, blown fuses, circuit breaker off, or if any switch is in "off" position, or labor and replacement of parts damaged from fire, water leaks, or other abnormal conditions beyond our control.
  • For your protection and ours, Hein Bros., Inc. will inspect all equipment before agreement is accepted. If you have your heating system or A/C replaced by anyone other than Hein Bros., Inc. we will need to reinspect unit before service agreement can continue.
  • The replacement or repair of parts is subject to availability from standard sources and is based on no need for structural changes. Any calls or parts installed that are not covered by the Service Plan will be charged at hourly labor rates.
  • We cannot accept responsibility for secondary damages, soot damage, flooded units, draining water from oil tanks or thawing frozen oil lines, tank leakages, loss or other conditions resulting from delays or failure to render service due to conditions beyond our control.
  • If you own a vacant property, please check it daily. Hein Bros., Inc. will not be liable for heat failure caused by oil burner breakdowns or lack of fuel in vacant or unoccupied buildings.


Equipment Not Covered Under Service Agreement

  • Heat exchangers, combustions chambers, flue pipe, draft regulators, fuel oil storage tanks, fill and vent pipes, fuel oil lines, power vents, blower wheels, blower motors, air filters, electronic air cleaners, humidifiers, clock thermostats, boiler gauges, site glasses, auto water feeders, low water cut offs, triple aquastat relays, zone valves, a/c relays, a/c fan controls, circulating pumps and motors, or rewiring of burner and controls, computerized variable speed blower motors, and Reillo burners


New Equipment [Free Estimates]

  • Hein Bros., Inc. offers a full line of replacement heating, air conditioning equipment, hot water boilers and fuel oil tanks.


Emergency Burner Service

  • Only calls for “no heat” and “oil leaks” will be taken after business hours, weekends and holidays. Our emergency phone number is (410) 766-1204. A/C calls to be taken Monday through Friday. No A/C calls at night or weekends.


Parts and Supplies

  • For customer pick-up convenience, select oil burner parts may be purchased from our Service Department